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Lirik Lagu Fantasia - Lucky

Damn,she get to have it everyday,
what a lucky girl,ummm but tonight
I’ll take her place, im a lucky girl
Damn do you spread her legs this way? what a lucky girl,
Umm your the king at just fore-play,
I'm a lucky girl

I know you got a girl, and im know im wrong,
but a hard man good to find
Yeah she get to have it all year long
So can it just keep ya tonight?
Man i hit the lotto, Should i rub the genie in the bottle
And if i dont see ya tomorrow,im not mad
Shes the lucky girl.

Damn i'm so lucky

Damn she get to have this everynight…
What a lucky girl,oooh way you hit that spot just so right
I'm a lucky girl
Damn you hanging might low,
what a lucky girl,ohh yo skills are like the pro,
I'm a lucky girl

Ohh loving everything you do…
Imma put it down for you
Got a speical treat for youuuu
So i guess that makes you lucky too
Everysinde you made yo move
I feel like i found my four leaf clover,
just want to hold ya, hate to send ya home,
but still i feel so lucky.
If i cant see you tomorrow
Thats okay baby i can hold you now
im so lucky.


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