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J.Cole - Love Me Not Lyrics

Feel like she loves me
She loves me
And then she loves me not
She loves me not
Feel like she loves me
She loves me
And then she loves me not
She loves me not
Then she loves me not

Hey, I know that this aint nothing that you used to
Out of the ordinary, unusual
I know you had your whole life planed out
So to watch this pan out I know this s**t gotta confuse you
I know you wonder why i had to choose you
Then wanna take you for granted or abuse you
So I’mma keep it honest
I think it’s a little ironic
If I hit another chick its gonna bruise you
S**t, staring out the window of this plane
Thinking if it crash, I’ll never see your ass again
Wouldn’t that be a shame
Cause look at all the s**t we overcame
Made it through the falme and never got cremated
I made it to the fame and never got too jaded
All them other couples we f**k with, secretly hated
Flash forward it’s been year, we’re the only ones that made it
S**t remember I was straying from home
And where I wanna be was my favorite song
Sometimes I still be on my Donnell Jones
But I just can’t leave you alone

She know me like a book, its too easy to read my a**
Unhappy stressed, yelling don’t mislead my a**
I mean I make it so easy don’t please my a**
The shoe was on the other foot and you would leave my a**
It's true that, true that
My song all on the radio
Who Dat!
Am i so far gone, used to see both sides like the Mohawk on
Now I know you wonder why this phone lock on
All this time I’ve been with ya you aint used to do that
I loved you a** way before I knew you could wrap
The way you breaking my heart i should sue you for that
Calling my uncles and my cousins have them do you for that
We had a deal you aint keeping up your end of the s**t
In my mind I know she got the short end of the stick
Trying justify it, man we finna be rich
And some bad bi**h I barely know sending me flix


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